Make consumers brand loyal to Colgate. 


The Findings: 

Rural Americans make up 15-20% of the U.S population. (Source: RuralHealthInfo)

Rural Americans are twice as likely to lose their adult teeth compared to those in urban environments. (Source: RuralHealthInfo)

Rural America has a higher percentage of people age 65 and over, who are less likely to have dental coverage, as they generally are not employed, and Medicare further restricts their already limited options.


 A dental health initiative focused on providing easily accessible dental healthcare to an often overlooked audience.




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My role on the team was multifaceted, I acted as an account manager, strategist, researcher, and brand manager. 

Step Up Your Smile

The Problem: There is a dental disparity in America that overwhelmingly affects rural americans over the age of 65. 

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The Human Truth: Older individuals value companies that work as hard for them as they do for everything in their life 

The Brand Truth: Colgate has has brand loyalty that follows people through life

The Strategy: Show that Colgate follows you through life. It starts with you and will grow with you into your older days.



Ads will be used as way to promote awareness and to drum up excitement about the tour there will be . The bold colors, type and copy will make it so menopause can't be hidden in the shadows. 

The Step Up Your Smile subscription box will provide the necessary tools to manage and maintain dental hygiene. It will remind consumers of dental hygiene best practices, dental appointments, and when to replace hygiene tools. 

The Team: Francine Jackson, Leon Brewington, Kimberly Heard, Nebraska White, Robin Richardson, Bianca Naidoo

The Step Up Your Smile bus will travel to areas/states most affected by the dental health disparities. The bus is utilized to eliminate obstacles such as financial barriers, logistical barriers, health barriers, and limited healthcare. 

The Step Up Your Smile endcaps will feature a digital program that scans a consumer's mouth and then offers suggestions on how to manage dental hygiene. Additionally, it will allow a consumer to enlist in a Step Up Your Smile subscription box.