To make Generation Z passionate about preserving and interacting with James Madison's Montpelier. 


 A tour utilizing comedy and entertainment as a way to uproot and discomfort and isolation associated with experiencing menopause. The aim is to build a community of support and access to medical guidance as a way to bring menopause into the mainstream. 



My role on the team was multifaceted, I acted as an account manager, strategist, researcher, and brand manager. 

Not Just For Her

The Problem: Those that experience menopause are forced to hide their experiences because of societal stigma. 

Girl Behind a Curtain

The Insight: Humor removes the barrier between the head and heart. It allows individuals the opportunity to learn about stigmatized topics passively.


The Strategy: End the cycle of menopause associated with menopause one laugh at a time. 


The Not Just For Her Tour is a spark aimed at igniting laughs and conversations. We are going to use social media as a platform to create a community and continue conversations long after the tour. The goal is to make it impossible for menopause to be hidden in the shadows.

merch mockup all together.png

The merchandise for the tour will be sold on the website, app, and at each city on the tour. The merchandise is a fun way to celebrate the tour as well as a subtle way to drive conversations. 


Ads will be used as way to promote awareness and to drum up excitement about the tour there will be . The bold colors, type and copy will make it so menopause can't be hidden in the shadows. 

The Team: Adam Dubrueler (Art Director), Hamza Ali (Art Director), Sheila Villalobos (Strategist), Monica Roebuck (Copy Writer)